Udøvende kunstnere

Tekster: Grace Gale. Few Easy Steps To Secure Heli-Camel Safety. I Don't Know How To Put This... But Im Kind Of A Big Deal.

Make up lines and question marks
Her head is near the doorway
She'll go home
Ripe and ready
This scene is dead
She thinks she's smart
She's nothing but a throw back
She'll go home
Right away
The make up on your pillow
A smear across your face
A tribute to your evening
Everyday's the same
Your looks can't save you now
The green in your eyes
Jealousy is in the future
It's a long fall from the top
The dress you wear is so sincere
Hold on to your pride
I've got a breaking story baby
You're just old news
Go to it
Just stop
Take a clue
Cool off
Dance party massacre
Bang bang
Home town disaster
Bang bang
It's a shame
Where to go from here
The only way is down
Fade in
Cue the lights
Enter from stage right
You've dug yourself too deep
Watch it all fall away
Sit back and watch this all unfold
Casting calls are taking place
A lead is needed
Cut scene
Cut scene
Fade out

(Thanks to Chelsea for these lyrics)