Udøvende kunstnere

Tekster: Grace Gale. Few Easy Steps To Secure Heli-Camel Safety. There's Nothing Honorable About This Discharge.

Hold her close
hold him tight
never let her go
this night will end with you in tears
neither of you know
you sit alone with drink in hand
a stupid smile on your face
(this burns so bad)
but you?re nothing more than another fuck
so lonesome in this place
you follow them
as you should
the switch is flipped
your white skirts soaked in blood
you laugh out loud
as you walk past a leering crowd
you made this one count
your car is cold
your naked legs freeze
your blood soaked knees
take you away from prying eyes
pray for you
now I make my escape
from here
from you
you laugh last
the jokes on them
but your still a whore
your fame will spread around this group
but you still want more
his heart beats fast
he breaks out in sweat
you cant even drive
but you came on like a wreck
you always left your bra
all alone is his room
but now it doesn?t matter how much this may sting
it feels right
you?re left bleeding
no remorse
the gift you gave
will burn
you bleed
he burns
you bleed
he burns